Seen on the web since 2010, ConspireWire is an global news publication committed to covering the types of headlines and stories that the mainstream outlets shy away from for fear of actually telling the truth for a change.

Our team of contributors from all over the globe deliver original reporting, political commentary and entertainment to audiences that seek more information than governments and by extension media outlets wish to presently offer.

We choose to focus on conservative issues for our largely conservative audience who often tell us that other mainstream outlets are now way too far to the left and with little hope of that changing in the foreseeable future ConspireWire is seen as a refreshing change to that predicament.

ConspireWire reporting is read by millions of unique readers, many of whom are conservative Americans, Australians, Canadians, Brits and many other western societies each month through our highly-visited website and our subscription rate is growing rapidly.

We are a for-profit, independent news and entertainment website generating revenue via advertising and the occasional paid post which will be clearly identified.

As a news aggregator we reproduce content from other sources and where we do both the source, the author and the original link will be clearly identified just under the headline of the content in question which has been published on ConspireWire.

All decisions about what stories to cover and publish are decided in-house by our dedicated writers and editors and while you will frequently see editorial on a subject, you will also encounter simply an image or a video with a caption, given we are staunch believers of that old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

While our job is to bring audiences what we believe to be the truth or in fact an alternate truth to the ‘official’ version, we will occasionally make a mistake and are big enough to admit it.

When we do, we commit to correcting our errors in a timely manner and so if you spot an error, please use our contact form detailing what you believe to be erroneous and will will investigate the matter promptly.

We will always issue major corrections at the top of an article while minor corrections will be noted at the bottom of the article in question.

The ConspireWire Team.

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