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5G: Will We All Benefit From Super Quick Mobile Internet?

5G: Will We All Benefit From Super Quick Mobile Internet?

By Chris Baraniuk NewScientist.Com https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24132202-300-your-5g-guide-will-we-all-benefit-from-super-quick-mobile-internet/ “I want 5G… in the United States as soon as possible,” Donald Trump tweeted recently. The US president isn’t the only one buying into the hype around the fifth generation of wireless technology. At last week’s mobile technology event MWC Barcelona, we were promised blisteringly quick download speeds and a mini industrial revolution powered by zippier data. Naturally, you will have to buy a new phone. “It is being positioned as all things to everybody, the Swiss army knife of the mobile world” Perhaps Trump is worried about being left behind: the world’s first commercial 5G network is bein...
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