The Pauline Hanson Files – View The Damning Report Before Casting Your Valuable Vote For The One Nation Party

Political corruption is in the news. ICAC is busy investigating Gladys.

Pauline Hanson is getting ready to ask for re-election in 2022. Let’s see how Pauline stacks up in the various tests of integrity and corruption. It will surprise you.

‘An event had happened, upon which it is difficult to speak and impossible to be silent’. Edmond Bourke (1729-1797) Irish philosopher.

The One Nation Party has many very dedicated and loyal members who want the best for Australia, however the Party has a long term and serious fault line in its leadership and the longer Pauline Hanson remains the leader, the weaker the party will become. My advice…

Don’t waste your 2022 vote on Pauline Hanson.

‘My Name, My Party, My Money’. ‘Truth, honesty, justice and accountability’. Quotes: Pauline Hanson.

Pauline, you must know about the Aussie code of mateship. It’s a part of our culture. It works like this. You don’t steal from your team, your mates, closest supporters, colleagues, partners, volunteers, candidates and members. Whether you took their hopes, dreams, time, effort, friendship, support, money or rights, it was wrong and it shows you cannot lead.

It disappoints when you act ruthlessly without gratitude or loyalty. The people who had rallied around you, and some were your closest friends, stayed at your home, shared your highs and lows, did so to build a strong alternative voting choice from the major parties that are taking Australia toward a U.N. controlled New World Order. In 1998 we were a powerhouse of resources with members and branches throughout Australia – a family of excited and energized activists committed to drive political change.

In our first electoral test in Queensland our hopes were confirmed when the One Nation Party captured 22.7% of the votes. Within weeks you planted the seed of destruction by denying just one candidate his entitled reimbursement of his campaign expenses. The cheque for $11,500 had been written when you demanded it not be given to that candidate. I have a sworn affidavit from the volunteer blaming you and no one else for this action.

One Nation today would have been a major political force in Australia if you had practiced loyalty and gratitude. You didn’t show any appreciation for what your closest friends and supporters did to assist your political advancement. Instead, you practiced a greed driven culture that led to the destruction of the Party which commenced in 1998. The decision you alone made in 1998 to deny a candidate his rightful campaign expenses reimbursement was 2 unnecessary, wrong and illegal. You let all of us down as your erratic leadership led to the ruin of the greatest hope Aussies had for its future – a future the party and its members were at the time achieving for our beloved country.

You, and only you, gifted our political opponents 5 years of costly and damaging court actions that ruined our party’s reputation and depleted the party’s campaigning funds.

As a result of your reckless decisions then and at later times, the One Nation Party lost…

1. 11 newly elected M.P’s in the Queensland Parliament in 1999.

2. 2 Senators, both formerly your closest friends who defected following total loss of respect for your leadership.

3. The court ordered repayment $502,000 in 1998 electoral funding that had to be repaid to the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

4. Criminal charges were laid against you for stealing money received by the party from a public rescue fund.

5. You and I are still on the public record 22 years later as being found to have acted fraudulently when we had not.

6. Legal costs over the years amounted to well in excess of $1 million.

7. 3-year Prison terms for you and me as a direct result of your denial of that candidate’s campaign reimbursement. Only 11 weeks served with our release created by my legal defence submissions, not your lawyers.

8. Media and Reputation damage for the party and the both of us.

9. Loss of what was emerging as a very strong vote in the 1998 Federal election of October 1998.

10. Loss of $250,000 of State funding in NSW.

11. Loss of Federal Electoral funding that would have fuelled the future growth of the party.

12. Your denial of my legal costs defending our innocence in our criminal trial, an act by you that was a refusal to follow the party’s Constitutional requirement that I be indemnified for my costs.

Your lust for money resurfaced in 2015 when you placed yourself and the Party into a clear corruption agreement with a Melbourne based developer who admitted he wanted your political influence in Queensland. This is no different to what Gladys is facing in the New South Wales ICAC. You lowered the benchmark for integrity and honesty, and discovered how easy money is made if you trade your influence for money which is exactly what you did and admitted to.

Pauline, many members of Australian Parliaments have resigned for a range of reasons – all for less than what you have done. None has accumulated more reasons for a resignation than you have.


Pauline’s code: When caught, Deny, blame others and if that fails become a victim.

Pauline, you must resign from the Senate and from leadership of the One Nation Party. You do not meet the most basic standards required for holding public office.

In the past 24 years, an alarming log of allegations have continued to build against you. Here are 28 reasons why you must resign immediately – they include…….

1. Your first political adviser John Pasquarelli’s book reveals how you cannot be relied upon to pay your debts when you refused to pay approximately $80 wages for a teenage staffer at your fish shop and she took it to Industrial Relations and you had to pay her $1,462. A strong lesson you ignored. Plus, how you stole Commonwealth property – a television and video unit – and took it home for your personal use. How you told a female staff member at your fish shop to ‘use men for their bodies, – get what you can out of them and – then give them the flick’. (This is what you seem to do with your friends). How you refused to pay $1,280 for the design of an internet page. How you refused to pay another graphic designer around $10,000 for the party’s 1998 campaign printing and artwork when failing to pay him would have destroyed his credit and his fledgling business. All the while presenting yourself to voters and supporters as the angel of truth, honesty and accountability.

2. A report was lodged with the Queensland Police alleging your theft of $11,500 of public money from the Electoral Commission of Queensland which was paid to the One Nation Party and intended to be forwarded to a party candidate but, you refused to pass that payment on. You kept it. To this day he has not received his campaign reimbursement. This single act is alleged to be an offence under S408 of the Qld Criminal code and resulted in a Police Fraud squad investigation. It also commenced the destruction of the One Nation Party that thousands of members fought and worked hard for to represent a million plus Australian voters.

3. Following your denial to that candidate of his election refund, he initiated a series of court cases which cost the party over $1 million in legal defence costs. One of those court actions in 1999 led to the cancellation of the party registration in Queensland and a court order that $502,000 of electoral funding be returned to the Qld Electoral Commission. A public rescue fund was launched to raise money to pay that $502,000. The rescue fund also led to you being investigated by the Queensland Police and charged by the DPP with the theft of money and silver ingots from that publicly supported fund. You were exposed for that theft by the Party’s own staff in the Queensland State office. The D.P.P. charged you in 2003 with fraud and you faced an unfinished committal hearing, which must be re-instated and judged. Party officials working at the Party’s office handled incoming donations and they claim you ‘scooped up the incoming cash’ and took it home. This led to a shortfall of $150,000 when the repayment to the Qld Electoral Commission was due. This shortfall amount was generously provided by a close friend of yours and you guaranteed to repay him (I have your letter) but you never did. His $150,000 level of support was only necessary because you had taken the cash donations.

4. The same very generous close friend referred to in point 3 above, helped you and your family and on one occasion attended a legal meeting with you and when the question of who would pay the lawyer’s fees arose, you suggested that neither you or the party would have the moneyto pay those fees. The friend offered to guarantee the lawyers fee. When the lawyer sought his $98,000 fee, and this occurred at a time when you had ample money to pay those fees, you instructed the lawyer to get his money from your guarantor friend. This was another time your loyalty and friendship was shameful and non-existent. You had used your friend and given him the ‘flick’. Although the party later also had electoral Funding revenue in millions you have never repaid either of those amounts.

5. Following our release from prison in 2003, something that also was a direct consequence of your single action, and a prison release totally justified by the defence arguments I had lodged in the District Court, you received $300,000 from Kerry Packer for exclusive stories on 60 Minutes and the Women’s Weekly. With that money you could have paid your lawyer’s fees. This was also a time when my own court costs were denied by you and the party.

6. Media reports surfaced in 2009 of you illegally taking more than $200,000 of members money from the Pauline’s United Australia Party, an offence that was reported to the Police by the party’s treasurer and secretary and investigated by the Queensland fraud squad. That fraud investigation was improperly stopped when you sacked the party’s treasurer and secretary who lodged the complaint on behalf of the party’s members. You then improperly installed two of your friends into those vacated positions and they advised the Police the Party did not wish the investigation to continue. This action was another criminal offence because those two new officials were not properly installed and had no authority to call off that investigation. This is another unresolved criminal offence and must be re-opened for examination by a court. That money belonged to the Party’s members – it was not yours.

7. You displayed over my years of experience with you a habit of receiving large amounts of cash and other donations – for example valuable original oil paintings from the late Pro Hart and not declaring them to the Electoral Commission or the Parliamentary pecuniary interest register in 1998. M.P’s have quit over much smaller undeclared donations.

8. You failed to comply with the One Nation Party’s policy of no foreign investment in Australian pastural and food production land when all the Kidman Property Empires assets were sold to Gina Rinehart and her Chinese partners. Instead of publicly rejecting that sale, you congratulated Ms. Rinehart on the front page of the Perth Newspaper for her purchase. While you lead the Party, are One Nation policies just meaningless and flexible fantasies?

9. You refused to attend the funeral in 1997 of one of your friends who had used her private plane to fly you around Queensland to attend meetings. I was contacted by your secretary at the time who was distressed by the potential public relations damage for your possible non-attendance. I contacted you and urged you to attend as your absence was disrespectful and inexcusable. You did attend. It is the type of unforgivable selfishness I and others never forget.

10. You failed to comply with the party’s 1998 electoral campaign rules that restricted you and all other candidates to only claiming money you spent from your own pocket when you lodged a false and deceptive claim to the party for $52,517 claiming reimbursement of your 1998 campaign expenses. This was revealed to be false when you reported to the Electoral Commission that you had only spent $12,720. PLUS, you later reported to the Electoral Commission that you had received $75,285 in donations for your campaign from supporters. You had not spent any of your own money and all your reportings were false.

11. 3 years later, in 2001, you lodged an amended return to the Electoral Commission which revealed a donation you received for $200,000 for your 1998 campaign. You gave the Sydney Morning Herald the unbelievable response that you had no idea who sent $200,000 to you. The Sydney Morning Herald article appeared on June 14th 2001. It was money the party should have received.

12. Your refusal to meet the One Nation party’s section 4.2 constitutional requirement to reimburse my own liabilities in defending a court case that only existed because of your 1998 criminal action for denying the 1998 candidates campaign costs. This greedy and unnecessary action led to the party defending false claims in 5 court actions that also led to our imprisonment when I had no involvement in that matter. Your resolute refusal to reimburse my substantial costs of attending the Brisbane courts eventually cost me my family home in Sydney. It was MY defence arguments that won our court of appeal release from prison but you have never acknowledged any gratitude for my work in that court which was largely at my own expense.

13. Some years ago the Australian Electoral Commission forwarded their investigation into the One Nation party over the source of a donated aircraft and other reporting matters to the Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions to consider possible charges. They don’t do that if party officials are being honest. You have a long history of re-submitting previously false reports which expose spending anomalies. The acceptance of a plane was part of a corruption play by a Melbourne developer. You used this blatant and so obvious ‘gift’ so publicly. For this alone you must resign.

14. You accepted very large corruption donations that are admitted by that same Melbourne based property developer to have been for the corruption of a future public official – YOU. The donor, a Melbourne property developer publicly declared he made his donations to you because he was seeking your political influence in Queensland. You accepted that money which compromised you on the grounds that you were prepared to be corrupted to deliver future favours. His admissions to the media requires your resignation.

15. You told me about this person in 2015 when you said you had a secret supporter who was going to back you for $1 million. This was your admission to me of your acceptance of corruption money. I don’t need to describe it as corruption money – the developer did that for me.

16. At the time you negotiated your return to the One Nation party in 2015 you told One Nation party official Jim Savage in your email negotiating your return to the One Nation Party that you had a donor who would only back you as leader of the party. Quote: ‘Let me make it quite clear Jim. I went through all this crap years ago and I have no intention of going through it again. For the first time the party has a big financial backer and will only back me as the leader, not the figurehead but the leader’. This is your written admission that you had accepted conditional corruption money. Why are you still in the Senate?

17. What did that donor say about his financial support to One Nation … Quote: The prominent inner-city apartment builder, who last year paid $13m for a 260-apartment development site in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, told the Australian: “We wanted to be involved if they were to take government in Queensland.”

18. To guarantee her commitment to be compromised, Pauline accepted his money and has corrupted herself for a financial benefit. At all times Pauline made it quite clear that it was to 6 her and no one else. This donor also purchased an aircraft for Pauline to use in her campaigning, such a donation being a highly visible and un-orthodox evidence of corruption. The developer also paid for setting up the rebirthed One Nation party head office in Queensland. He paid approx. $110,000 for the Jabiru aircraft. IF THIS ISN’T THE MOST BLATANT PUBLIC DISPLAY OF YOUR CORRUPTION, WHAT IS?? This donor confirmed to THE AUSTRALIAN Newspaper that he was paying for special influence.

19. Former Labor Party M.P. Sam Dastyari resigned over accepting a corruption payment. QUOTE: FOLLOWING a week of pressure, Senator Sam Dastyari has resigned from the Labor front bench following the revelation a Chinese company paid a personal bill. NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell resigned over an undeclared bottle of wine. Pauline, you have no other option but to preserve the reputation of the One Nation Party and the Senate by resigning from both organizations. Give the One Nation party a chance to make the changes so urgently needed for the country you profess to love. You no longer have the right or respect needed to do it and electoral funding was never intended to be a personal wealth creation programme for you.

20. The Melbourne based donor was placing a bet on One Nation taking Government in Queensland and securing for himself a priority relationship with Pauline that would advantage him and provide a benefit for his property development business. What he openly admitted to, and what you accepted from him was FAR worse than what Sam Dastyari did, and Sam had the integrity to resign.

21. You accepted that donor’s money and you used it to press your negotiation for your absolute control over the One Nation party and its potential to win millions of dollars in electoral funding and, perhaps I may allege, it could lead to further corruption payments for you. You saw that developer’s money as a benefit for yourself and you used it as leverage for your own authority and enrichment. You had to be in full control of the One Nation Party so you could deliver against your obligations. History shows how you had in 2009 transferred over $200,000 from the Pauline’s United Australia Party to your personal account so you have what the Police call ‘form’ in this type of alleged offence.

22. Once back in charge at the One Nation Party you subsequently took precise steps to restructure the party to be your own personal business and you now answer to no one. You sought to remove the volunteers who had been running the Party in your 2001 -2015 absence because they would not have given you the total control you needed.

23. After the 2016 election there was $1 million of One Nation Party electoral funding placed into a fixed deposit account. This is money that belongs to the members and without treasurer reports at AGM’s how do members know if that $1 million is still there? I have the minutes of the One Nation Party Executive where details of that $1 million banking are recorded. Only Pauline and her brother-in-law can sign bank documents to transfer that money. Is it possible that it may have already been done? If it has, her brother-in-law will be described in a court as her accomplice under s408 of the Qld criminal code.

24. Your acceptance of the Melbourne developer’s money was a clear act of corruption in exchange for political favor and the Senate should expel you if you don’t resign.

25. In another act that could also be described as having the potential to lead to the corruption of a Senator, is Pauline’s connection to another Melbourne based property developer who also had property developments in far North Queensand. In December 2020 an alarming story broke in the AUSTRALIAN that the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party had invested $500,000 of members money in a failed property resort investment scheme run by a Melbourne developer. The member’s money was lost. The journalist covering this scoop asked Pauline about it and Pauline lied when she replied that she knew NOTHING at all about it. This is classic Hanson, when she has 3 responses to being caught out – she denies, she blames, and she assumes the victim position. In this case she indicated that if it had been done then it was someone in the Party’s office who must have done it. She blames one particular person who would have access to the party’s bank accounts. Her denial strongly suggested that she had something to cover up, and people only cover up guilty actions. In this instance, Pauline had been caught red handed using $500,000 of members money on an investment but who is the beneficial owner of that failed investment?

26. What occurred next is very bad for you Pauline. Documents have emerged that reported to the Australian Electoral Commission that two $250,000 payments were made to this failed investment, and both of those AEC documents were signed by you Pauline revealing your lie to THE AUSTRALIAN. Next, I discovered that the Sydney based promoter of this failed investment scheme was well known to you and you had appeared in multiple investment podcasts with him. The big question which has been avoided by you and the Party is this – In whose name are the certificates of title? Are they in your name or that of your family Trust? If they are not, why the unnecessary denials and secrets? The One Nation Party certainly doesn’t need to own resort property. On the surface it strongly appears that you may have acted to misappropriate $500,000 of party members money. Your denials clearly suggest you have something to hide. The One Nation Party Secretary received two letters from current members asking who has the title to that investment and he deferred the question by saying the answers would emerge at the party’s next AGM. This is a second case of a property developer who might have been seeking future influence and favors for his Queensland property business. It is inexcusable and totally corrupt for you as a Senator to conduct commercial activity where your influence can be compromised. You should be examined in a court of law for this matter. You have far too many past examples of dishonesty to be given any latitude or gentle treatment. A detailed report of this allegation has been reported to the Queensland Fraud Squad for investigation. You have what is called in law a fiduciary responsibility when handling members money. The Party constitution in force at the time would provide the rules for use of party money.

27. After you lost her seat of Oxley in 1998, you worked for a short period with former One Nation Senator Len Harris. Len told me ‘the first issue was when she used the Gov’ franking machine in the Ipswich office to post out 3.500 letters to party members from my Senate office, the second incident was when she demanded the Commonwealth Senate vehicle and the fuel card, I told her if she went out of Qld to pay for the fuel, she ignored that and drove through NSW and kept going into Victoria, this was raised in the Senate and I had to pay the funds 8 back, that was the day I walked up stairs and fired her the same day’. It was on this car trip when Pauline’s latest boyfriend accompanied her.

28. Perhaps the most hair raising of your actions Pauline, and one that would lead to potential vote loss for the party is that your boyfriend at that time was your cousin, a fellow named Steve. This information has been a well-kept secret amongst the party’s inner circle since 1998. Counselling from an inner circle colleague and elected office bearer of the Party was given to Pauline at the time regarding the possible P.R. reaction and damage but it had no effect on you. I have written evidence supporting this declaration. You took off in late 1998 to be with your cousin in the U.S.

All of the above reveals a history of bad judgement, corruption, theft, lies and greed that is not a complementary feature for someone who holds and wants to continue to hold high public office.

Pauline, please resign and allow the One Nation Party to conduct itself like a real political party and not as your private business or fan club. A court must examine some of these revelations to clear your name or to deliver justice. A court must rule for a full audit of the Party’s and your own private bank accounts in this 1997 to current period to get to the truth of your financial affairs.

Queenslanders need to be represented by Senators with higher standards of integrity and a genuine commitment to public welfare.

Pauline, when we started the One Nation Party it was an act of great patriotism. We love our country and were prepared to face the wrath of critics and our political opponents. We discovered we had huge numbers of supporters and to those supporters we had a responsibility to lead with truth, honesty and integrity. Our commitment reflected our concern for the future of Australia. We wanted to lead change that would restore the values we believed in and wanted for our families.

As time passed, I saw the other side of your character and your disappointing tendencies to be ruthless and unfair to those who needed to be appreciated and treated fairly. The greatest measurement of your failings was the damage the Party sustained and the disappointment of the members who faded away. It wasn’t just your party; thousands were affected by your poor judgement. I regret that I am compelled to reveal what I know, but as Edmond Bourke prophesied, it is impossible to be silent.

David Ettridge,

Co-Founder, and original Federal Secretary and National Director, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

October 20th, 2021.

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